Paul Gilbert: Why I Only Use Coiled Guitar Cables

Gilbert also weighed in on why he tends to avoid wireless systems.
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The guitar industry's selection of wireless products seems to be growing larger by the day, but just as the analog vs. digital debate rages in virtually all segments of the gear world, so it does when it comes to cables. 

Paul Gilbert, for his part, recently weighed in on the cable end of the debate, voicing his own preference for coiled cables, rather than straight cables or wireless systems. 

"I'm clumsy. If there's a straight cable, the chances of me tripping over it and falling down and embarrassing myself are pretty high," the maestro said in an interview with Sweetwater.

"And wireless, I don't know, I'd rather not use batteries. And plus, you know, Hendrix, if you look at the old photos - when I was a teenager I had one - I'm re-experiencing my youth as a coiled-cable user. I do have the muting jack, so that's kind of nice.

"I only use that one, so I don't someday go, 'Let's compare it to a straight one.' I always use the coily, so I wouldn't know.

"The one thing I should mention is the slide magnet, which is underneath the pick-guard, is neodymium. It's got to be chrome steel. If you just get regular steel, they're a little magnetic, but not enough, so that was really good."

You can check out Gilbert's full interview with Sweetwater below.