Morley Unveils Four New Wah Pedals

The Wah Lock, Wah Boost, Lead Wah and Volume Plus are all available now.
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Morley has debuted four new wah pedals: the Wah Lock, Wah Boost, Lead Wah and Volume Plus.

The Wah Lock pedal features three modes (Wah, WHOA and Wah Lock, which can be used with a tone filter) and a Halloween Orange base, and sells for $169. The Wah Boost is a switchless wah pedal with a 20dB Boost, midrange focus and a wide frequency sweep. Its base is Industrial Silver, and it sells for $159.

The Lead Wah pedal is a switchless wah with a wider frequency sweep, low-end boost and an internal wah level trim pot to customize loudness. Its base is Shred Red, and it sells for $149. Finally, there's the Volume Plus, an optical volume circuit with an added minimum volume feature. Its base is Gator Green, and it sells for $129

Each of the new wah pedals packs a built-in buffer and smaller, more pedalboard-friendly enclosures. Like all other Morley pedals, they also feature sweep, throw, feel and switchless activation.

All four of the pedals also have glow-in-the-dark details, for easy onstage location.

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