Joyo Unveils New Gem Box III Multi-Effects Pedal

Joyo's newest foray into the world of multi-effects features 61 preamp models, 157 effects types, 300 preset tones and 26 impulse responses.
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Joyo Gem Box III

Joyo Gem Box III

Joyo has unveiled its new Gem Box III multi-effects pedal.

The Gem Box III, which Joyo is touting as its flagship processor, features 61 preamp models, 157 effects types and 300 preset tones, in addition to 26 impulse responses—with the ability for users to load their own.

Connections-wise, the Gem Box III is packed with stereo XLR outputs, USB recording, headphone in, aux in and expression output. It also includes a 52-second looper, and even a drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms.

The Gem Box III's nine effects modules can be adjusted via nine buttons, while the company's Studio software allows users to upload new amp models.

The Joyo Gem Box III is available now for $366.

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