Jericho Guitars Release New Fusion 26.9”

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Jericho Guitars has introduced the new Fusion 26.9”. The guitar expands on the company’s existing offerings by bringing together the greatest visual and audible aspects of players’ favorite classic guitars in a modern instrument.

The Fusion 26.9” is designed to create its own unique niche while providing players with the widest array of tonal qualities. It comes loaded with All-American components and a range of sound capabilities that adds volumes to any style or situation, both live and in the studio.

Specifics include:

• Seymour Duncan Pickups – Upgradable to Bare Knuckle Pickups
• Hipshot Fixed Bridge
• Individually coil-split volume controls
• 26.9-inch-scale neck
• Mahogany body and neck
• Many variations of top and color

Jericho Guitars is a relative newcomer. In 2012, the company released its first line of guitars, the Avenger, which received rave reviews, including a Guitar World Platinum Award. The Fusion 26.9” is just the second release from Jericho Guitars.

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LIST PRICE: $1,399.99
CONTACT: Jericho Guitars