Electro-Harmonix Launches its Own Dealer Portal, E-Commerce Website

Following a decision to cut ties with Amazon last year, EHX has decided to simply open its own dealer portal and e-commerce website.
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Following its decision to cut ties with Amazon last year, Electro-Harmonix has opened up its own dealer portal and e-commerce website, shop.ehx.com.

According to a press release, the website will provide shoppers with access to EHX's full line of products, on-demand account information, order status and tracking details. It will also provide a marketing repository for dealer websites and e-commerce listings featuring product descriptions, specifications, images, videos and user manuals.

“shop.ehx.com provides dealers with an efficient, seamless and comprehensive solution to manage their accounts and transactions," Mike Matthews—EHX's founder—said in a statement. "Electro-Harmonix’s commitment to our customers remains strong, and along with our dedicated and experienced sales representatives, this solution will help us better serve our global network of dealers now and in the future.”

Head on over to shop.ehx.com to explore the company's new site for yourself.