Dirt Devils: Five New Gain, Fuzz and Overdrive Pedals for 2015 | VIDEO

These new boxes from David Allen Pickups, Earthquaker, DOD, Keeley and Decibel Eleven take dirt to a new level.
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David Allen Pickups
Low to medium gain is the specialty of this new OD box, which offers tube-like dynamic feel along with a balanced EQ curve that affords smooth, buttery mids without loss of low or high frequencies. The gain structure is chewy, with true tube rectifier-like sag. Controls include Elevation (volume), Chatter (gain) and Range (tone), but the real treat here is the three-way load switch, with settings for normal, fat and lard. In the normal setting, OD is at its brightest. Moving the switch right or left adds more mids and lows without cutting the highs. The normal position recalls the sound of a 1x12, the fat position is like a 2x12, and the lard setting gets into 67 Plexi territory. That’s a whole lotta tone from one little box.
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Park Fuzz Sound

The result of a joint partnership between Park Amplifiers and EarthQuaker Devices, the Park Fuzz Sound is a variation of the Sixties British three-knob fuzz pedals available under various brand names, including Park. Like the originals, the Park Fuzz Sound uses germanium transistors, in this case New Old Stock, to recreate authentic Sixties fuzz tones. The transistors are matched to ensure consistency from pedal to pedal. EarthQuaker has made a few modifications that make the pedal better suited to modern players, including a wider tonal range that takes the fuzz from warm and mellow to biting. User-friendly features include a smaller size, a nine-volt adapter jack with standard polarity, plus true-bypass switching. Low current draw insures that the pedal is ready for isolated power supplies.
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Son of Fuzz Head

The new Son of Fuzz Head retains the differential-pair transistor setup of the original Fuzz Head, but it improves on the original by adding a JFET tube-amp simulator on the front end, folllowed by a germanium transistor gain stage. It’s also updated with an external tone control in response to users’ requests. Diode clipping can be removed for brutal overdrive, allowing the Son of Fuzz Head to do “Fuzz to the extreme and Overdrive supreme.”
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If sludgy detuned metal is your thing, get ready for a rough ride. The Boneshaker distortion pedal is supercharged with a three-band parametric EQ that drives its gain to add more frequency-specific, bowel-churning lows, more bare-knuckle mids and more responsive highs. Essentially, more of everything! Black Arts Toneworks designed the Boneshaker's circuit specifically for extended-range guitars, baritone and bass, making it the perfect distortion for players who like to take their tunings into the nether zone. The Boneshaker is true bypass and has a nine-volt power-supply jack.
MAP: $187.44
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Decibel Eleven
Dirt Clod Overdrive
This analog overdrive/distortion pedal delivers huge flexibility by offering 10 user-definable presets and full MIDI control. The Dirt Clod has two styles of clipping as well as variable mid and high controls.
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