Deep Space Devices Debuts New Radio-Bright Ring Modulation and Delay Pedal

The Radio-Bright has a fascinatingly cosmic origin story.
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Deep Space Devices Radio-Bright

Deep Space Devices Radio-Bright

Deep Space Devices has debuted its new Radio-Bright delay and modulation pedal.

The Radio-Bright was inspired by the so-called "Wow! Signal," a mysteriously powerful signal - originating near the Sagittarius constellation - picked up by researchers at Ohio State University in 1977. The signal - which remains unexplained to this day - is often used as proof of intelligent life outside our own world. 

The Radio-Bright features two footswitches and two toggle switches. The left switch turns the effect on and off, while the right footswitch turns up the delay feedback. Elsewhere, it features three knobs to control delay and three knobs for ring modulation.

On the delay front, the Delay Mix knob controls the delay's presence, the Time knob controls the delay time and the Feedback knob controls the number of repeats. 

On the ring modulation front, the Intensity knob controls the ring modulation's presence, the Frequency knob controls sounds ranging from 450hz to 4.7khz and the Rate knob controls the ring modulation's sample rate.

The Deep Space Devices Radio-Bright pedal will be available starting October 15 for $199.

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