NAMM 2018: BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition

The new, revised version of the BluGuitar AMP1 pedal amp offers more flexibility.
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The BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition with its 100 watts “Nanotube” driven power amp will maintain all of the features of the well-established original AMP1, but specific tonal improvements now offer more clarity and voice for both single coils and humbuckers, leading to more flexibility, especially for modern players.

With the AMP1 Mercury Edition, there’s more warmth on the "tweed side" of the CLEAN channel’s very own Custom Control knob, and more clarity and definition on the Custom Control’s modern side. Precise tonal fine-tunings give the CLASSIC channel more punch and bite, lifting it to the level of a hot-rodded version of those classic amps. The MODERN channel has been improved for a wider dynamic range to get more expression for leads and more tightness for metal riffs. Last but not least, Thomas has worked on the REVERB algorithm for a better, more lush sounding reverb that works great for all sounds from Clean to Lead.

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