Analog Alien Launches B2 Line of Affordable Pedals with Bucket Seat Overdrive

It features the circuit used in the company's Rumble Seat, used by James Burton and Joe Walsh.
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Guitar effect-pedal company Analog Alien will launch its new B2 series of streamlined effect pedals on October 15.

The B2 series will consist of pedals and gear marked below the $200 price point.

The first pedal is the Bucket Seat overdrive. Additional pedals to the series will be released in 2016.

From the company’s web site:

The Bucket Seat is the same Rumble Drive circuit that is found in our 5-star pedal the “Rumble Seat” – which is herald by artists like James Burton (Elvis Presley), Stevie Wonder, and Joe Walsh (The Eagles, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band). Everything from mild overdrive to a full on high gain assault is possible with the Bucket Seat.

The sound of the Bucket Seat is never harsh or brittle. It has a smooth break up and retains a lot of the guitar’s dynamics even at high overdrive settings. At a Gain setting of 2 o’clock, the Bucket Seat reaches its maximum gain. Once you go past this point the overdrive tone becomes more complex and harmonically rich. Turn it all the way up (clockwise) and you’ll get a very sweet overdrive with plenty of harmonics! When the “Gain” control is turned off (counter-clockwise), the Bucket Seat produces very little gain. At this setting you can use the Bucket Seat as a master output and tone control. If you want to introduce just a little drive, try increasing the “Gain” control up (clockwise) a little. This will give your guitar’s sound attitude and really make it jump out of your amp!

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