IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube Brian May for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad.

The new package features precise models of the Queen guitarist’s live and studio gear, with all tones recreated in collaboration with May himself and featuring IK’s Dynamic Interaction Modeling, which models the behavior of every component in the circuit for ultra-realistic sound.

Among the 11 new models included are Vox AC30-inspired combos, an approximation of his one-of-a-kind, home-built “Deacy” amp, and recreations based on the accompanying cabinets.

There’s also effects that model May’s famous treble booster, phaser and wah sounds, as well as – particularly cool – one that simulates the tones and controls of his iconic Red Special guitar.

A harmonizer allows users to achieve trademark Queen stacked harmonies, while a “Star Gate” noise gate helps to clean up the signal chain.

It’s a wealth of tones and options, but IK makes it all easy to access—the package also includes a set of song-based discography presets compiled by Jamie Humphries, guitarist for the stage production of We Will Rock You, that allow users to dial up particular May tones instantly.

AmpliTube Brian May is available now for Mac/PC for $99.99 and for iPhone/iPad for $19.99.