ADA’s New Pedal-Board-Friendly PBF Flanger Adds Features

It features the same design as the original all-analog ADA Flangers from the Seventies.
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ADA has announced it is releasing a new, smaller and PBF (Pedal Board Friendly) Flanger pedal—the same design as the original award-winning all-analog ADA Flangers from the late 1970s, in a “Hammond-1590B-size” enclosure. It includes new features, such as a bass voicing switch, an output level control, true-bypass switching and an LED status indicator.

The tone and depth of the ADA PBF Flanger is unique and powerful as well as rich and warm. You can easily dial-in auto whammy, chorus, vibrato and detune modulations. The Flanger works with all ADA control pedals and most other expression pedals, and the sweep can be directly controlled with an external voltage. It’s made in California and powered by standard 9-to-12-volt DC pedal board power supplies at 150mA.

The PBF Flanger is available for pre-order now.

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