Overdrive Pedal Shoot-Out! 25 Boxes Get Put to the Test | VIDEO

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Are you still hunting for the perfect overdrive pedal? Who isn’t?

The folks at Gear Gods just made your search easier with their video shoot-out of 25 overdrive pedals currently on the market. Among the pedals tested are various Ibanez boxes, Maxon OD808 and OD808X, Boss SD-1, JHS Moonshine, Electro-Harmonix Soul Food and East River Drive, Big Ear N.Y.C. Frank, Walrus Audio Mayflower, Seymour Duncan 805, Providence Red Rock OD, VFE Ice Scream, Earthquaker Devices Talons, MXR Il Torino, TC Electronic Spark Booster and Morley JD10.

Best of all, whereas most videos make you wait through the entire demo, Gear Gods’ interactive demo lets you click on the pedal you want to demo and instantly hear it in action. Simply choose a pedal from the grouping on the right, click and watch.

Take a look.