Carparelli Unveils 7 Guitars with Onboard Zoom Preamps

April 8, 2014
Seven entirely new models from Carparelli Guitars feature an onboard Zoom preamp, as well as a Bigfoot Hardtail Bridge, a LowPro neck join, Magnasonic Harmonics that eliminate harmonic dead spots, and locking tuners.

Retail prices for Carparelli Onboard Zoom Models
Classico S $549-$1,149
Classico SH $1,399-$1,599
Pacifico SV $1,349-$1,549
Arco S $549-$1,149
Arco SH  $1,399-$1,599
Infiniti S $549-$1,149
Rocco S $1,149-$1,349

Pre-order all models here.
 Arco S
 Classico SH
Pacifico SV
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