Visual Sound Truetone

January 1, 2010
0.000GP0110_GEARV2ORSporting only Volume and Tone controls, the Truetone ($148 retail/$99 street) aims to deliver a UFC-type blow to the front end of your tube amp, brutally pushing the tubes to further harmonic expansion. The pedal sports a beefy black enclosure with recessed knobs to save you from the indignity of a bent or sheared pot. Our test unit’s potentiometer shafts felt a bit wobbly, but that’s my only quibble with what is otherwise a very stout pedal. In fact, Visual Sound says that the proprietary footswitch is rated for 10,000,000 on/off cycles, which compares to 5,000 stomps for a standard mechanical footswitch! Sonically, the Truetone delivers on its promise of slamming the front end of your amp Chuck Liddel-style for a boatload of added dynamics and grind. Unity gain for the pedal is about a quarter of the way up, so turning the Volume control beyond that point yielded a formidable pounding on the front end of my Fender Princeton, Deluxe Reverb, and 50-watt Marshall— giving me howling sustain or clean tones bursting with oodles of touch sensitivity. The Tone control is voiced extremely well, providing all sorts of ultra-musical options with humbucker or single-coilequipped guitars. In fact, I found it particularly useful with my Gibson SG, as the control allowed me to not only dial up the aforementioned boost, but also glean some cutting slice to push solos and chordal stabs even further up front in a live mix. The Truetone is also quiet. A simple, great-sounding, workman-like booster. —Darrin Fox
KUDOS A transparent clean boost a well-voiced tone control.
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