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With 25% Off this ProCo Rat2 Distortion Effects Pedal Bundle at Guitar Center Why Wait Until Black Friday?

ProCo RAT2 Bundle
(Image credit: Guitar Center)

Guitar Center have an amazing deal on ahead of Black Friday featuring the highly popular ProCo Rat2 distortion effects pedal. Normally priced at $119.99 they are now offering the ProCo Rat2 distortion effects pedal bundle with cable, power supply, and picks for just $89.99 (opens in new tab).

With all the necessary connectivity taken care of this bundle is the perfect add-on for an existing basic guitar/cable/amp set-up.

Known for their massive tonal range the ProCo RAT2 is an industry classic and is capable of producing anything from a gritty boost to full-on searing distortion. The RAT2 is regularly spotted on pedalboards of artists across myriad styles and its solid reputation has made it one of the most popular pedals of its type for years.

ProCo RAT2 Bundle: $119.99, now $89.99 (opens in new tab)
Guitar Center are currently offering a massive reduction of 25% on the price of their ProCo RAT2 bundle which includes a cable, a power supply, and picks, as well as the legendary distortion unit itself. For decades the RAT2 has been used by some of the biggest names in the guitar world. With a vast range of very usable tones this dirty little RAT can cover anything from jazz to metal.

Featured in this super deal is the RAT2 – as heard on thousands of recordings and famously used by some of the greatest bands of the last 3 decades. The RAT RPS2 Power Supply provides high-quality juice for the pedal, ensuring optimum operation.

Also included in this effects pedal bundle is a premium instrument cable. Measuring 10 feet this flexible, ultra-quiet high-quality lead features 20AWG conductor wire and a dense spiral shield. A set of five RAT picks are also thrown in for good measure (always handy to have some spares in the case!)

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