5 New Whirlwind Pedals

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As one of the co-founders of MXR in the early '70s, Whirlwind’s Michael Laiacona knows what it takes to make a special stompbox. The classic MXR Phase 90 and Dyna Comp compressor units were instant classics, immediately adorning the pedalboards of pros and amateurs alike. Even less-popular units such as the Micro Amp and Distortion+ have a special place in the stompbox pantheon with their simple, yet tonally effective designs.


Whirlwind’s new Rochester series pedals include the Gold Box Distortion, Orange Box Phaser, and Red Box Compressor, which are inspired to the hilt by classic MXR designs, but sport true-bypass switching and LED indicators. Also new to the Whirlwind line are the Bomb and the WT200 Chromatic Tuner, which retain the enclosure dimensions of the Rochesters and feature the same interesting hybrid of handwired/PCB construction on a component board that’s tucked inside a little protective bag.

We tested these pedals with a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul Standard, running them through Dr. Z EZG-50 and Victoria 5112 amplifiers.

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