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Boutique Chic: MotorAve Guitars

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By Tor Caracappa, Head of Visual for John Varvatos

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So you’re looking for another guitar, huh? You want something new yet old; something you’ve never seen before but that is immediately comfortable; something with old-school style but new-school know-how. If that sounds about right, I suggest you check out MotorAve Guitars. You’ve seen them. They’ve been around for a few years, but they’re sneaky. Since they have that old-school style thing going on they may have slipped in under your radar. But take a closer look—these things are just… cool. Luthier Mark Fuqua has the pedigree, the eye, and the imagination to design what looks to these eyes like a new breed of guitar. Without borrowing too liberally from the past, his creations come off as not trying too hard to be original. Which is something very few guitar builders are able to achieve.

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