XTS Builds a Versatile Guitar Rig for Special Needs Client | VIDEO

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XTS—XAct Tone Solutions—not only makes a wide range of great-sounding effect pedals; it also builds custom rigs for clients.

The company recently had an opportunity to create a rig for a client with special accessibility needs. The client, a paraplegic, has limited-to-no-use of his lower extremities and can’t use a traditional pedal board.

However, after an extensive consultation and build process, XTS came up with a set of gear that gives him all the functionality of a typical board, and much more.

As seen in the video below, the rig uses a Livid Instruments Guitar Wing to control a Musicom Lab switcher with Bluetooth, via a Kenton USB MIDI host.

XTS says the rig goes beyond leveling the playing field—it allows the client to do much more than a typical guitar rig would. Features like remote control of effect loops, presets, and H9 expression control open limitless possibilities for creativity and performance.

The client told XTS the new rig has been a game changer for him. He now has access to the tones and features that he wants as a guitar player.

You can read the entire story right here. To learn more about XTS and its products and services, visit XActTone.com.