Way Huge Debuts New Chalkboard Paint-Covered Chalky Box Pedal

This custom variation of the Saucy Box overdrive allows you to grace the pedal with your own name and artwork.
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Way Huge Chalky Box

Way Huge Chalky Box

Have you ever found yourself wanting to grace a mostly mono-chromatic piece of guitar gear with some vibrant colors, á la George Harrison and his "Rocky" Stratocaster? Way Huge just released a pedal that made that sort of artistic customization a lot easier.

Its new Chalky Box overdrive pedal is covered in chalkboard paint, which allows users to give the pedal their own name and artwork. Since it's chalk, you can even keep changing the name and design as many times as you'd like.

Elsewhere, the pedal contains the same circuitry and controls as Way Huge's Saucy Box overdrive. 

The Way Huge Chalky Box pedal is available, in very limited quantities, from select retailers for $119. You can find a full list of those retailers in the tags of Way Huge's Instagram post below.

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