Want a Metal Guitar? Mandium’s New Cast-Metal Ax Is the Real Deal | DEMO VIDEO

The new guitar maker creates molded bodies cast from an alloy.
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Usually when we talk about “metal” guitars, we’re referring to pointy axes with mahogany bodies, hot pickups, thin necks and flatter radiuses—basically, instruments built for speed, accuracy and crushing tone.

Now Mandium, a new guitar company from France, is taking the concept of metal guitars literally. Though not necessarily built for playing metal, Mandium’s guitars are forged from metal. Unlike other guitars assembled or machined from steel or aluminum, theirs feature molded bodies cast from an alloy in JLB Création, an art foundry near Nice.

Mandium says “the metal casting work allows almost unlimited freedom, creating shapes, designs and customizations” while it allows for a range of colored patinas and textures. The instruments’ rounded outlines are ergonomic and make the instrument comfortable to play.

The real question, of course, is how does a guitar made of cast metal sound? You can find out for yourself in the videos below, but Mandium notes that the guitars have a bell-like purity and “near-unlimited sustain” thanks to their metal bodies.

Mandium has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get production off the ground. The campaign has a goal of 90,000 Euros, about $100,000. Prices are fluctuating due to the exchange rate, but an early bird pledge of roughly $2,100 will get you your very own Mandium guitar. Visit the company’s Kickstarter page to learn more, or visit their homepage, Mandium-Guitar.com.