Wampler Announces New Fuzztration Octave Fuzz

New pedal offers up everything from vintage sounds to modern sludge and doom tones.
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Wampler has unveiled the Fuzztration, which the company touts as a “do-it-all” fuzz box. The core of the Fuzztration is a three-band EQ with a voicing selector switch, offering sculpting capabilities from classic “Floyd-like” sounds to brash, modern doom and sludge tones. Additionally, the standalone octave effect can be used pre- or post-fuzz.

Other features include top-mounted input and output jacks, soft-relay switching, and 9V-18V DC operation with optional 9v battery adapter.

The Wampler Fuzztration pedal is available now for $199.

For more information, head over to WamplerPedals.com.