Teye Launches the Luxurious Super-E-Series Line of Electric Guitars

The bodies have been redesigned for better construction and resonance, and feature all-new electronics.
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Upon taking back control of his Teye Guitars brand in January 2015, Austin-based luthier Teye has unveiled with high acclaim the Super Coyote, the Apache, the El Toro, the Gypsy Arrow (his dream “V”) guitars, and the Super Coyote Bass.

Teye’s next project is the launch on October 1, 2015, of the Super-E-series.

The new luxurious Super-E-series brings back the familiar looks of the La India, La Azteca, La Mora, La Canastera and La Perla guitars with Master Series styled artwork. The bodies have been redesigned for better construction and resonance, and Teye’s all-new electronics include the new MOJO control to provide more bite and tone on both raw and filtered sounds. The MOJO control greatly expands on Teye’s old Mood circuit.

Fingerboards for the Korina-built Super-E-series now come in three luxurious options: Bedouin, Berber and Touareg. All E’s feature a “Shipwreck” finish with hand-rubbed oil, and each is assembled with Teye’s Master Series design tuner keys, switch tip and volume knobs. The first 25 will come in a Custom Teye luxury Cedar Creek case and have beautiful aluminum rear-plates with dragons, Aztec, Cleopatra or nautilus motives.

• Body and neck wood: select korina with hard and soft maple inserts
• Fingerboard: bound ebony with Bedouin, Berber or Touareg mother-of-pearl Teye-inlay
• Scale length: 25.5”, Nut width: 1.75”
• Aluminum plates: Laser-engraved and acid-etched, Teye’s A-series styled artwork
• Free engraved rear-plate with either nautilus, dragon, Cleopatra or Aztec art
• Bridge: proprietary Teye SuperSustain-bridge
• Tailpiece: proprietary Teye SuperSustain-tailpiece
• Tuners: re-styled Grover Super Rotomatic Imperials
• Pick-ups: 3x Custom-wound Jason Lollar (2 PU versions are optional)
• Electronics: Teye’s all-new Electronics: 2x Volume; Master Tone; Master MOJO™
• Control knobs: proprietary Teye knobs and switch tip, as well as Teye tuner pegs
• Finish: Teye’s hand-rubbed Luthier’s Shipwreck oil finish
• Case: Custom Teye luxury Cedar Creek case

The Minimum Advertised Prices of the Super-E-series range from $6,300 to $9,000.

For more information, visit Teye.com.