Tapestry Audio Unveils Multiple Tap-Out Expander: "The Wife"

Send Tap Tempo to four pedals with an external Tap Tempo.
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Since the release of the Time Traveler last year, Tapestry Audio has started to change the way guitar players are syncing up their time-based effects.

The Wife is built to expand the output capabilities of the Time Traveler by accepting 1 tap in and creating 4 more outputs. Because it can be used with any tap-switch, The Wife is the best tool to multiply your tap signal. With it's simple design and functionality this pedal is a must have for syncing up multiple time-based effects.

The Wife highlights include:

• 1 Tap input usable with the Time Traveler or any tap-tempo device.

• 4 Tap outputs

• 1 NO/NC switch that changes polarity on one of the outputs

• Hand machined and wired construction

• Compatible with brand and boutique pedals

• Standard DC input The Wife carries a suggested retail price of $69.00 and can be purchased from Tapestry Audio's online store at www.tapestryaudio.com.