Take a Look at the New "Fat Bottom" Brass Bar

The new hardware upgrade from Killer Guitar Components is designed to “add bulk to your bridge and body to your sound.”
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Killer Guitar Components Fat Bottom Brass Bar

Killer Guitar Components Fat Bottom Brass Bar

Ever find yourself looking for more depth in your tone? Perhaps you should consider the uh, Fat Bottom!

The brass bar, the creation of Killer Guitar Components, is said to increase sustain, resonance, vibration transfer and warmth. Available in two sizes— Vintage (2-7/32” String Spacing) and Narrow (2-1/16” String Spacing)—it fits six-saddle tremolo and hardtail bridges, with no additional modifications needed.

When its used with a tremolo system, applying pressure on the bar with your palm will add some vibrato into the picture.

The Killer Guitar Components Fat Bottom brass bar is available now for $49.95

For more on the bar, head on over to killerguitarcomponents.com.