Supro Resurrects Guitar Line!

Supro showed a prototype GUITAR at summer NAMM 2014.
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The new Supro company — which just re-imagined five new amps at Winter NAMM in January 2014 (the DualTone 1624T is picture above) — isn't putting any brakes on its revival of the storied brand.

Hot off the production presses at summer NAMM was a prototype guitar, which might be called the "Ozark II."

I got to hold and play the prototype for a few minutes at the Supro booth on July 17, and, man, that sucker is one loud and sensitive guitar! The single-coils are Valco-designed Kingstons, and they throbbed and growled and fed back like some pissed-off tiger who missed a meal or two. These low-noise pickups — which are made by Roadhouse in Oregon — are very dynamic and interactive, to saw the least.

The one-piece body with a re-engineered two-bolt neck is crafted by Sweetwood, a boutique luthier in San Diego, California.

Excepting a few rough ends on the frets, the prototype was very well made with a nice finish and good hardware, and it felt extremely good to play.

Production models are expected to hit the assembly line in time for Winter NAMM 2015.