Supro Announces Ozark Model Reissue

The Ozark is best known as Jimi Hendrix's first electric guitar.
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Supro Ozark Reissue

Supro Ozark Reissue

Supro has announced a reissue of its Ozark model.

Modeled after the late-50s instrument that famously served as Jimi Hendrix's first electric guitar, the new, limited-edition Ozark features historically accurate body dimensions and a 25” scale length, in addition to the signature pinstripe line art from the original instrument.

Sound-wise, the new Ozark comes packed with a custom-made Aluma 90 pickup developed for Supro by Lace Music. A string-through-body hardtail bridge also allows for individual intonation adjustment. 

The Ozark's black, satin-finished maple neck is glued to the guitar's mahogany body at the 14th fret, keeping the original's geometry, while improving playability and tuning stability.

The Supro Ozark reissue is available now for $899.

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