Summer NAMM 2019: Earthboard Introduces Two New Optional Features For its Magnetically Designed Pedalboards

The Cross-Board patch cable and remote control LED light system can be retrofitted to any Earthboard Pedalboard System.
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Earthboard Remote Control LED Light System

Earthboard Remote Control LED Light System

Last year, Rare Earth Music launched Earthboard, the first magnetically designed and powered pedalboard. The company also launched Earthboard LifeLine, a special Tether and Backup Boot combination that either allows multiple Earthboards to be connected and powered by a single rechargeable battery, or moves an oversized pedal off the board and powers it on the floor using the same battery.

This year at Summer NAMM, the company is introducing two additional optional features.

Like Earthboard, the patented Cross-Board Patch Cable simplifies rig setups for musicians. Unlike conventional patch cables used to connect the upper and lower rows of pedals on a board, the Cross-Board Patch Cable removes the hassle of:

• A patch cord that is always too long and in the way.
• A patch cord that is too short, requiring multiple purchases due to trial and error.
• Having to decide to run the patch cord on top of, or underneath, your rig.

The Cross-Board Patch Cable is an optional feature for the Earthboard 2020M model. Simply connect a standard short patch cord to both Cross-Board Patch Cable input jacks, and power runs to both rows of pedals. 

Also releasing at Summer NAMM, the patented Earthboard Remote Control LED Light System is a new option that can be installed on the M-series boards. Using a remote control, the user can change colors on the fly — between songs or sets — as well as dim the lights, or set specific flashing patterns of one or multiple colors including white, blue, red, green, yellow, magenta and blacklight. 

Both of these new features are options that can be added to any new order, or retrofitted to already purchased Earthboard Pedalboard Systems. Retail installation for the Cross-Board Patch Cable is $30, while the Remote-Control LED Light System installation is $40.

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