Summer NAMM 2015: Tech 21

Tech 21’s Boost DLA and Bass Boost Chorus Go Metallic.
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The Tech 21 Boost DLA with Tap Tempo and Bass Boost Chorus pedals have undergone makeovers with new metallic finishes. Their original internal design, external controls and functionality remain the same, as does the pricing.

The Boost DLA provides an unusual abundance of easy-to-use, intuitive controls for such a compact pedal.

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Boost DLA features include:

  • A single, continuously-variable Time control to provide a smooth, full sweep of delay up to 1,000 milliseconds.
  • Tape Drift adds a random, unpredictable element to the modulation, which is more true to a vintage tape echo.
  • Dotted 8th shifts the timing to achieve those distinctive Pink Floyd/U2-style sounds.
  • Mix, Feedback, Fidelity and Level are 100% analog for authentic, organic sounds --and no latency.
  • There’s also a dedicated Tap Tempo function footswitch and clean Boost function for up to 9dB of added volume
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The Bass Boost Chorus features:

  • A Detune control to adjust the pitch of the choral voices, adding sonic girth to create thick, lush, bass-compatible chorus.
  • Speed and Depth controls add modulation, which can be set at minimum to preserve the fundamentals. This avoids that queasy, sea-sick feeling typically associated with traditional chorus pedals when used on bass.
  • Multi Voice provides dimension and thickens the sound with additional choral voicings.
  • Mix, Tone and Level are all-analog, and the clean Boost function kicks in up to 9dB of added volume.

Both are operable with 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2).

The pedals are priced at $260 and $245, respectively. Availability is anticipated for July.

Visit Tech21 for more info.