Strobel Guitars Introduces Rambler Strobelcaster Electric Travel Guitar

After releasing the Rambler Classic and Rambler Custom humbucker travel guitars, the Strobel Guitars has created a new Strobelcaster single coil version, modeled after Leo Fender’s iconic Stratocaster.
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Strobel Guitars is proud to announce the latest addition to its Rambler series of Professional Travel Guitars. After releasing the Rambler Classic and Rambler Custom humbucker travel guitars, the company has created a new Strobelcaster single coil version, modeled after Leo Fender’s iconic Stratocaster.

The new model shares the same design and detachable neck as the original Rambler Travel Guitars, but is now equipped with three single coil pickups mounted in a special pickguard, along with a 5-way switch and Master Tone and Volume controls to get those wonderful Strat tones. The motif is complemented with a side mount Strat-style jack. Three Strobelcaster models are available to choose from at

Available for immediate delivery is the Rambler Strobelcaster Standard ($799 direct), offering a choice of white body with tortoise shell pickguard and rosewood fretboard, or a black body with white pickguard and maple fretboard.

Strobel Guitars also offers the Strobelcaster Plus ($1199 Direct) with a choice of five vintage Fender colors and six different pickguards. Mix and match in any combination. Choose either the rosewood or maple neck. The Plus comes with Kluson locking tuners and Kent Armstrong pickups.

In addition, customers can order a fully Custom Strobelcaster (starting at $1799) equipped with premium Zexcoil pickups, Schaller locking tuners and a Tunomatic bridge with their choice of Tonewoods for the body, neck and fretboard.

Guitar players know how difficult it can be to travel with a guitar. The Strobel Rambler Professional Electric Travel Guitar makes it easy to have your guitar wherever you are. The Rambler is a high quality, gigable instrument that is easy to disassemble for traveling. Simply loosen four thumbwheels and remove the detachable neck. The body and neck are easily stowed in your computer bag or briefcase.

The Rambler Professional Electric Travel Guitar is a full scale guitar featuring locking tuners. Measuring only 32” in overall length (assembled) and weighing just over four pounds, the Rambler provides a big sound from a small guitar.

Strobelcaster guitars are equipped with a specially designed pickguard loaded with three single coil pickups and a 5-way selector switch with Tone and Volume controls along with a side mounted STRAT style jack. The absence of a headstock increases sustain by feeding the string energy back into the neck. The unique adjustable nut allows setting of the string action at the top of the neck while the Tune-o-Matic bridge adjusts the overall action and intonation. All instruments include a double action truss rod.

Hear and see a Strobelcaster in action below, and visit for more.

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