StompLight, World’s First Stage Lighting Effect Pedal, to Debut at Summer NAMM

StompLight is the first fully self-contained sound-responsive stage lighting effect pedal.
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StompLight, the first fully self-contained sound-responsive stage lighting effect pedal, will make its debut at Summer NAMM 2016.

From the company:

A new concept, an effect pedal with built in LED stage lighting, from Californian inventor and musician Michael Ahern aims to revolutionize stage lighting for amateur and pro musicians alike.

StompLight is a fully self-contained and remarkably powerful sound responsive performance lighting solution that sets up in seconds. Designed for solo performers, electric and acoustic guitarists, bar bands, DJ’s or any performance setting looking for minimalist stage set-up. StompLight creates dozens of colorful lighting effects at the click of a button. StompLight can be part of a musician’s pedal board, set on the floor or attached to a microphone stand.

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StompLight’s effects include a sound responsive Color Organ, Color Wheel, and a Strobe light. The StompLight Professional model also houses a built-in microphone with adjustable input gain and spectrum analyzer capable of producing lighting effects synched to the performer’s instrument or the ambient music.

StompLight offers variable brightness, connectivity for expanding the light show using multiple units or the new StompLight Slave or StompLight Mini. A DMX adapter is available for integrating StompLight with DMX lighting systems. StompLight also offers off-the-grid capability via a small rechargeable battery pack.

“The concept is very simple,” explained Ahern. “Think of all the places where performers rehearse, record and perform without existing stage lighting. Unlike other products on the market today StompLight has a tiny footprint and sets up in seconds to create an exciting, artist controllable light-show in a simple, durable and affordable way.”

“Social media plays a big role in promoting artists and more and more video and imagery of live performances are being posted”, Ahern continued. “Our products offer the simplest way an artist can look professional anywhere they play.”

“Our product goal is to change the way that artists and musicians perform, rehearse and record music”, Ahern continued. “StompLight democratizes stage lighting offering musicians, DJs and theatrical performers exciting simple to use lighting with the convenience of a single effects pedal.”

The latest version of the StompLight Professional and newly expanded StompLight product line will be available for a test drive at this year’s Summer NAMM show in Nashville. Booth 1631.

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