Steve Vai Gives You a Tour of His Incredible Guitar Collection

Vai's collection includes some of the most truly outrageous guitars you will ever see. See them up close, and learn about their history.
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Steve Vai's taste in guitars has always been eclectic. 

Just look at his new Ibanez signature model, the PIA. For those who like to say that the industry's giants, your Fenders and Gibsons, just keep rehashing the same old designs from the 50s, there's your guitar!

Vai's enormous personal collection of guitars also reflects that same taste for the unusual, with everything from 30-fret Guilds to colorful guitars with enough necks to make even Rick Nielsen jealous.

Luckily for us mortals, Vai recently opened up his vault of instruments - which he's lovingly named "The Harmony Hut" - to Reverb. In the video above, Vai takes viewers through The Harmony Hut, picking out some of his personal favorites - which include some of the most truly outrageous guitars you will ever see.

Even better, the video intersperses archival footage of Vai playing the guitars, many of which Vai still frequently uses onstage and in the studio to this day.

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