Spice Up Your Pedalboard with the Ratmobile RAT2 Distortion

Does your RAT2 distortion pedal just not have enough visual pizzazz for you? Well...
Ratmobile Rat2 pedal

Ratmobile Rat2 pedal

Have you ever looked at your RAT2 pedal and thought "man, I wish this thing looked more like something from a comic book"? If so, then do we ever have the pedal for you!

Listed by Vinyl Ventures Co. on Reverb, the Ratmobile RAT2 distortion pedal takes the features, specs and tone of the ProCo RAT2, and places them in the chassis of a 1:24 scale Batmobile.

Sonically, the Ratmobile comes packed with overdrive, level and tone controls. 100 of the pedals will be produced, at a price of $159.95 each.

For more info on the pedal, be sure to check out the full Reverb listing.