Review: Electro-Voice ETX-10P Powered Speakers

Looking for a super portable PA speaker that punches well above its weight class?
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Looking for a super portable PA speaker that punches well above its weight class? EV’s new ETX-10P ($1,099 each, street) could be just the thing. Measuring a compact 20.7" high x 14.3" deep x 12.9" wide, this speaker features FIR-Drive (Finite Impulse Response) filter technology to optimize the linearity of the EV-patented “Signal Synchronized” transducers—a 10" low-frequency driver and a 1.25" titanium compression driver. A class D power section with integrated DSP provides 2,000 watts, which is reportedly good for a peak volume of 134dB. On the rear of the speaker is a single knob with LCD screen interface that allows you to quickly configure the speaker as a main or monitor, make EQ adjustments, check limiter status, and adjust input and output levels. I/O consists of two XLR/TRS combo jacks and an XLR link output. Made from 13-ply birch, each cabinet weighs 44 lbs and is finished in rugged EV-Coat. Other details include a power-coated steel grille, die-cast handle and pole mount, and multiple mounting points for fixed installations.

I’ve used a pair of ETX-10P speakers for several months now on indoor and outdoor gigs—both as monitors and mains—and the results have been excellent in all scenarios. Their portability and ease of setup make them loveable right off the bat, yet it’s their sonic performance that earns them an Editors’ Pick Award. Switching from our band’s 10-year-old speakers made a very noticeable difference, as the ETX-10Ps are exceptionally clear sounding and have the welcome ability to deliver balanced sound up close as well as in the back of the room. Mounted on poles (not included) they provide excellent coverage—even in smaller outdoor venues—and when placed on the floor as monitors their very even and articulate response makes it easy to hear everything distinctly, and without fighting to separate vocal parts from the clutter of other instruments (particularly piezo-equipped acoustic guitars) that you’re plumbing into the stage mix.

The U.S.-made ETX-10Ps are great all-around speakers for live or dj use, and based on experience, I’d highly recommend checking out the larger models in the ETX line to see how they might cover your sound reinforcement needs.

Kudos Excellent sound. Light and compact. Onboard DSP.

Concerns Only one handle makes for a slightly awkward carry.