Review: Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 Modulator Machine

When it comes to modulation effects, the Mod 11 is the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife: compact, loaded with features and indispensable.
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Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 Modulator Machine

Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 Modulator Machine

Wow! Who will stop the benign madmen at Electro-Harmonix from assaulting us with more and more products that deliver a wealth of great sounds and super-musical features? Witness the new Mod 11 Modulator pedal on review here, which delivers an astonishing variety of modulation effects, while maintaining ease of use and a super-compact size that players with crowded pedalboards will certainly appreciate.

The features and tones contained within the Mod 11 would have cost you approximately a million dollars in the ’80s (and many coke-fueled tone chasers would have gladly paid it), and yet here we are: You can get 11 awesome mod effects, with supreme control over them, in a tiny footprint, for appreciably less than $1 million with this awesome pedal. 

For fans of chorus, flange, Uni-Vibe, rotary and trem effects, this pedal is your Jetsons moment. It’s the future we dreamed of in the swirly, modulated, chorused-out haze of the late 1900s.

But in fact, it’s actually even more than that. In all, the Mod 11 delivers Trem, Harmonic Trem, Vibrato, Uni (as in Uni-Vibe), Chorus, Rotary, Flange, Phase, Pitch, Filt (an analog synth-style modulated filter) and TZF (Through-Zero Flange; more on this below). And while the depth and rate knobs alone give you plenty of control over the tones, a mode button unlocks the awesome on the Mod 11. 

Each of the 11 effects has up to three modes of operation. For certain effects, like Trem, Harm and Vibr, the button allows you to affect either rate or depth with your picking attack. For Uni, you can choose between chorus or vibrato effects, while with Pitch, you can use it to enter an awesome arpeggiating mode for faux sweep-picking effects.

While all the effects are great, the Mod 11 rules at chorusing. Alex Lifeson, Steve Lukather and the Cure are all here. And while subtle flavors are easily obtained, I’m gonna say go big or go home. The Tri Chorus setting, accessed with the clever mode button, is particularly expansive and juicy, with a dreamy, watery sound.

Where there’s chorus, there’s flange, and the flanger tones in the Mod 11 are really cool. In addition to the classic flanger, there’s also the Through Zero Flange, an effect that crosses through the “zero point” of the sweep, giving rise to some truly radical sounds.

It’s tough to imagine cramming more sounds into a pedal of this size. Fortunately, there’s no need to. When it comes to modulation effects, the Mod 11 is the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife: compact, loaded with features and indispensable.


PRICE $151 street

CONTROLS Depth, rate, volume and effects (Filter, Pitch, Phase, TZF, Flange, Rotary, Chorus, Uni, Vibrato, Harm, Trem)
EXTRAS Intuitive “hidden” parameters accessible through Secondary Knob mode. Tap tempo via the built-in footswitch or external switch

KUDOS Great sound quality. Massive flexibility