Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave Pedal | DEMO

Zeus features independent silicon fuzz and analog suboctave effects.
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While at NAMM 2016, Guitar Player got an on-the-fly preview of the new Red Witch Zeus bass fuzz sub octave pedal.

In the video, shown below, Red Witch owner Ben Fulton demos the pedal. He also discusses the company’s new industry-first—a professional development course for Red Witch retailers that provides them with trusted information about effect pedals, regardless of their manufacturer, and various pedal-related matters that affect customers.

Featuring two pedals in one, the Zeus features a silicon fuzz (comprising key features of the company’s much-loved Fuzz God II) as well as a beautiful analog suboctave.

You can use either effect independently or simultaneously. Each effect has its own true-bypass stomp switch, and two mix controls let you dial in as little or as much of each effect as you desire.

The results range from a distant rumble to an all-out subterranean cataclysm. The Fuzz section works beautifully with or without the analog suboctave, which, due to its analog nature, results in a fantastic, tactile springyness, with extremely good tracking.

Take a look. For more information, visit Red Witch Pedals.