Peavey Launches Guardians of the Galaxy Product Line

The summer's blockbuster film gets the "instrumental" treatment from the folks at Peavey.
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They saved the galaxy from evil this summer on the big screen, and now they can team up with you onstage. The Guardians of the Galaxy are making an appearance on Peavey guitars and accessories, as part of the company's Marvel product line.

“We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with Marvel,” says Peavey’s Tony Moscal. “Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy are going to love these highly collectable guitars, ukuleles, straps, and picks.”

Featuring Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy characters in a high-gloss finish, Peavey’s Rockmaster guitar (shown above) provides excellent balance, playability, and tone with a basswood body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. A three-quarter size student model of the Rockmaster electric guitar is also available, and both guitars come with a cable and picks.

Peavey’s half-size acoustic guitars are made of genuine wood with steel strings, and are ideal for starter musicians. The guitars include a removable headstock cover with matching graphics that protects fingers from string ends, and come with Peavey picks and a strap. Scenes from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are featured on the instruments in high gloss finish.

Also suitable for players of all ages or collectors, the line of products includes 20" ukuleles decorated with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Made of genuine wood and featuring a high-gloss finish, the instruments have easy-to-play nylon strings and locking tuning pegs which help to keep the instrument in tune.

Fans can also choose from a selection of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy-themed straps and picks created by Peavey.