Paoletti Guitars Announces New Richard Fortus Signature #2 Guitar

The new signature model for the Guns N' Roses guitarist features a reclaimed chestnut body, an Italian leather top and handmade pickups.
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Paoletti Richard Fortus Signature #2

Paoletti Richard Fortus Signature #2

Italian guitar builder Paoletti has unveiled its latest model, the Richard Fortus Signature #2.

As with all of Paoletti's guitars, the body of the Guns N' Roses guitarist's new signature model is made of chestnut wood reclaimed from 130 to 150-year-old wine barrels. Its neck is made of pure maple that has been subject to a caramel roasting process that Paoletti says makes the neck more stable and reliable.

Elsewhere, the guitar features an aged nickel pickguard, a white croc pattern Italian leather top and a 4tus logo laser-engraved on the headstock.

Sound-wise, there are two patented, handmade pickups with custom electronics designed by Fortus himself.

"The reverse angle on the tele bridge pickup gives the low end more attack and clarity where the top strings are warmer,” Fortus says. You can watch him demo the guitar in the video below.

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