New@NAMM 2015: D'Addario

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D'Addario has announced several new products for its string, cable, capo, tuner and strap lines.

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NY Steel EXP Acoustic Sets

D’Addario introduces its latest innovation—proprietary high-carbon steel wire, NY Steel—to its line of EXP acoustic sets. This wire has been meticulously engineered to be stronger and more consistent than any other standard musical wire, leading to a string with superior pitch stability.

Over the last three years, D’Addario has been busy re-engineering the wire drawing and manufacturing process of both the high-carbon steel wire used for plain strings, as well as the hex-shaped wire that is used for wound strings. These innovations have resulted in the completion of a new steel wire mill adjacent to the company’s string manufacturing facilities in Farmingdale, New York.

The original EXP coated strings launched in 2001 gave customers a longer-lasting alternative to their favorite D’Addario strings. Now with the use of NY Steel, guitarists can also expect unprecedented pitch stability not seen in any string wire.

All coated acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and mandolin strings will now include D’Addario’s exclusive plain steel and hex core wire. EXP Phosphor Bronze will retail for $29.90, and EXP 80/20 acoustic sets will retail for $27.50. D’Addario is also introducing two new EXP Banjo sets in two popular gauge combinations, including NY Steel, to retail for $15.40.

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Classical Half Sets

Classical Half Sets allow players to customize their tone and feel by choosing from a wide range of material combinations. Guitarists can mix and match strings to find the best-sounding and -feeling strings for their instrument or style

Each set contains three treble or three bass strings in a convenient resealable pouch. The sets are available in a variety of tensions, including light, moderate, normal, hard, extra-hard, and alto.

There are 22 Treble Half Sets for D’Addario Pro-Arté Nylon in Clear, Composite, and Black Nylon; Rectified Nylon; Titanium Nylon; and Carbon.

There are also 21 Bass Half Sets in all variations of Nylon Core, Composite Core, and Dynacore.

The treble half sets will retail between $4.90-$10.30, and the bass half sets will retail between $12.10-$44.10.


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American Stage Cable Line Expands

D’Addario expands its American Stage Cable line. The American Stage Killswitch cables feature a momentary “kill switch” for silencing the cable during live instrument changes, avoiding loud pops and squeals that can damage amplifiers, while American Stage Patch cables allow guitarists the same clarity and tone throughout their entire signal chain, including the pedal board.

D’Addario American Stage Series cables are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. With audiophile-quality wire, which is made in the USA, the low 28pF/ft capacitance is the sweet-spot for uncolored tone and the 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transfer. Full coverage comes from using 95 percent tinned copper braiding, eliminating handling noise and rejecting interference.

The cables feature D’Addario's patented Geo-Tip, an exclusive tip design for an improved connection in most jacks and in-line solder joints to ensure superior conductivity and strength. In addition, the Neutrik plugs, made in Liechtenstein, have been built to D’Addario’s patented design standards.

The American Stage Killswitch cables will be available in the following lengths: 10 feet ($72.95), 15 feet ($78.95), 20 feet ($85.95), and 30 feet ($98.95). American Stage Patch cables will be six-foot in length and retail for $36.95.

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New DADGAD, Drop D, and Classical Capos

D’Addario expands its capo line with three new options for guitarists. Two new models based on the popular NS Artist Capo are designed to simulate DADGAD and Drop D tunings on standard-tuned guitars, while the new Classical model is designed for flat-radiused classical/nylon string guitars.

Each capo utilizes a patented trigger geometry, reducing the force required to open and close the capo, while applying even tension regardless of neck profile. Combined with the micrometer tension adjustment and direct horizontal pressure, the capo design for each new model virtually eliminates pulling the strings side to side and the need to retune during use.

Additionally, the trigger design and lightweight aluminum construction add no obstruction or noticeable weight to the neck of the instrument. An NS Mini/Micro Tuner mounting bracket is included, allowing guitarists to add tuning capabilities to their capo. (Tuner sold separately.) The new capos also feature an integrated pick holder.

Each capo retails for $33.65.


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Clip-On Headstock Tuner

Back by popular demand, D'Addario's CT-10 Headstock Tuner has new and improved features.

The PW-CT-10 Clip-On Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments utilizing vibrations rather than sound. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor and large multi-color display, the Clip-On Headstock Tuner allows guitarists to tune easily and accurately in noisy and dimly lit environments where many other tuners fail.

It features a large, multi-color display, and 360-degree rotation for various viewing angles and left- and right-handed instruments. The tuner features a flip-up display that automatically turns the tuner on when opened and off when closed. The screen is also reversible. The tuner offers a wide calibration range of 410–480Hz.

The PW-CT-10 Clip-On Headstock Tuner retails for $44.95.

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Leather and Woven Guitar Strap Designs

D’Addario has partnered with top fashion industry designers to create new woven and leather strap designs.

The new designs have been added to the company's various strap lines, including Rock, Indie, Americana, World, Core, and Signature.

Leather Guitar Strap design additions include Racing Stripes, Tooled Embossed, Contrast-Colored Ends, Horizontal Stripes, Paisley Window, and Icon Heart and Star designs. Leather Straps retail for $73–$88.

Woven Guitar Strap design additions for 2015 include Latin Blanket Stripes, Baja Blanket, Buffalo Check, Polka Dot, Tie Stripes, Checkerboard varieties, Guatemalan Woven, Cross Print, and Monterey varieties, as well as Flame Pinstripes, Camo, Optical Art, Mixed Symbols, Tiki Totem Pole, Sugar Skulls, Paisley, and Zig Zag patterns. Woven strap designs range from $30.60–$40.80.