New gear from Pigtronix, Seymour Duncan, Solar Guitars, TC Electronic, and Yamaha

A look at some of the gear market's most attention-grabbing new products.
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Mothership 2
$249 street


The Pigtronix Mothership 2 is a velocity sensitive, pitch-tracking, three-voice analog synthesizer with oscillator hard-sync and pitch modulation via por-tamento and CV/expression control. Housed in a compact aluminum chassis, this pedal delivers a user-friendly guitar synth with real-time pitch and amplitude tracking, switchable preset tunings, and modulation effects.

Seymour Duncan
La Super Rica Fuzz
$179 street


Based on a classic silicon-based fuzz circuit, the La Super Rica offers Mid-Frequency controls between 548Hz to 2.2kHz, and a 3-position low-end toggle. Volume and Fuzz controls handle the rest of the tone shaping.

Solar Guitars
$599-$1200 street


Metal guitarist Ola Englund launched his brand to focus on the needs of the rock/metal players—especially beginners. Depending on the model (Solar Type A is pictured), unique features include full access set-neck joints, Floyd Rose bridges, Evertune bridges, 34mm brass block tremolos, tremolo spring silencers, Grover 18:1 tuners, and Seymour Duncan Solar pickups.

TC Electronic
Tube Pilot Overdrive
$49 street


Tube Pilot is designed to produce the tone and feel you get from an old-school tube amplifier. Inside the pedal lives a 12AX7 vacuum tube—just like the type used in preamp stages on many classic guitar amps. The Tube Drive knob lets you control how hard the tube is working.

$470 street (APX600), $575 street (CPX600)


The APX600 and CPX600 acoustic-electrics address the trend toward smaller-body instruments. Key features include fresh new finishes for both models, a genuine abalone rosette in the APX600, and the shortening of the scale length of the APX600 for greater playability.