New Gear from Lindy Fralin, Framus Guitars, SlideWinder, Ernie Ball, and La Bella

Check out some hot new gear from Framus, Ernie Ball, La Bella and more!
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Lindy Fralin
Hum-Cancelling P90 With Alnico Rods
$145 street/$290 set

Designed to achieve a balance of thick mid-range and top-end commonly found in Alnico V magnets. Comes in soap-bar or dog-ear construction with 49.5mm/52mm for string spacing options.


D-Series Electric Guitars
$899-$1,199 street

The D-Series is based on Framus’ Teambuilt German Pro Series and Custom Shop models. The six models come with pickups manufactured by Seymour Duncan and fretboards made of tiger-stripe ebony. Warwick Security Locks, Cleartone Strings, and a Deluxe RockBag are included with every model. (Diablo Pro pictured.)


$75 street

The ring allows players to duplicate slide-guitar sounds while keeping all fingers free to use. The device utilizes a rare-earth magnet to interact with the electric guitar strings, creating a “floating fret.”


Ernie Ball
Braided Instrument Cables
$36-$39 street

These cables are available in nine colors and are 25 feet in length. Multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low-handling noise, and the braided exterior provides tangle-resistant performance.


La Bella
Bender Electric Guitar Strings
$5.99 street

La Bella re-introduces its vintage Benders, using the same string-construction methods from the ’60s and ’70s—including the exact formulation of nickel used in the original strings. Available in nine different gauges.