Morley Sets its 20/20 Sights on Three New Wah Pedals

Company debuts the Bad Horsie, Power Wah and Power Wah Volume
Morley 20/20 wah pedals

Morley has introduced three new products for its 20/20 line—the Bad Horsie Wah, the Power Wah and the Power Wah Volume pedals.

The trio of 20/20 wah units are offered in pedalboard-friendly sizes but with the same throw, sweep and feel as the classic designs.

All boast new buffers that, according to Morley, prevent volume loss and restore and improve tone.

Additionally, all feature Morley’s “Pedal Glow” for easy viewing on dark stages, as well as silent switching to prevent pops and bleed.

The Bad Horsie Wah ($169) comes in a Flame Red finish, while the Power Wah ($139) in Midnight Blue and Power Wah Volume ($159) in Traffic Yellow boast new 20db wah boost controls.

For more information, head to Morley.