Mesa/Boogie Announces Mini Mark Five: 25

Mesa/Boogie brings the Mark Five down to the mini scene.
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On its Facebook page, Mesa/Boogie announced its new "mini" Mark Five: 25.

Here's what they said ...

"At just 14 inches wide and weighing in at 16.5 pounds, the Mark Five: 25 is a living history of Mesa/Boogie! With a selectable multi-watt 10w triode / 25w pentode Dyna-Watt EL84 power section, 6 Mark Five modes in 2 foot switchable channels, the iconic Boogie 5-Band EQ, built-in CabClone D.I., and the legendary Mark bloodline! Featuring the famous Mark IIC+, Mark IV, and Mark V preamp circuits - be prepared to be blown away as to how massive a "mini" can be!

Here's where you can watch the demo ...

Get more info on this amp here.