Review: Mercury 7 Reverb

The Mercury 7 Reverb brings lush, studio quality reverb in a pedal format.
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The designers at Meris bring extensive effect experience from their days at Line 6 and Strymon to their new line of pedals, and one of the sonic modifiers chosen for the launch is the Mercury 7 reverb ($299 street). Rather than offer preset reverb types, the Mercury 7 permits you to sculpt your own ambient flavors with six knobs, two buttons, and a second layer of alternative parameter access. But it goes even deeper. You can program up to 16 different sounds, with four available through an optional four-button footswitch plugged into the expression input, or access all 16 through MIDI. You can also use an expression pedal to morph between two different sets of parameter settings.

The sonic possibilities of the Mercury 7 are too many to go into here. The important thing to know is that the price and footprint of this pedal are justified by the sound alone. Thanks to a premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA with 32-bit, floating-point DSP, even with the Mix and Hi Frequency fully up, and with the longest decay, the reverb revealed no hint of the metallic edge often found in digital reverb pedals at those settings. It is a gorgeous sound, perfect for ambient swells, and the Swell function of the left footswitch let me produce them without using a volume pedal or knob. The alternate function of that footswitch is to hold the decay as long as your foot is on the switch, permitting the building of evocative pads. Modulation, pitch intervals, and vibrato are all available to color the ’verb, but it is basic sound quality that sells this effect.

KUDOS Lush, studio quality reverb in a pedal format.