Les Paul vs. Telecaster: Put Their Tones to the Test

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Darrell Braun is a man who likes to compare guitar tones, and in this new video he checks out two giants of the guitar world: the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Telecaster.

It might seem absurd to compare the tone of a Gibson Les Paul with that of a Fender Telecaster. After all, the guitars are vastly different in their construction and electronics. But as Darrell points out, not everyone owns both guitars. Even if you do, it’s possible that you’ve never done an A-B comparison between them before.

For this video, Darrell tries out a Gibson Les Paul Traditional and a Fender American Standard Telecaster. He plays three riffs back to back in each pickup position.

Give it a look, and when you’re done check out more of Darrell’s videos on YouTube.