Lemmy’s Custom Bass: A First Look at Marc Minarik’s Lemmy-Approved Creation

“Everything about this is Lemmy approved.”
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Marc Minarik, CEO and president of Minarik Guitars, creates instruments that are gorgeous to look at, wonderful to hear and a joy to play.

Minarik’s creations have caught the eye and ear of many musicians, including the late Lemmy Kilmister, who is seen in the accompanying photo playing a Minarik Inferno bass.

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As it turns out, Minarik had completed a custom bass for the Motörhead bassist in 2015 prior to his death on December 28. Minarik had the prototype on hand at the NAMM 2016 show and talked about its creation for the video shown below, presented by TheNewAmericanMedia.

The clip begins with Minarik showing some of his company’s gorgeous inlaid guitars, including ornate triple-neck models and the new-for-2016 Obscura model.

At the 9:37 mark, he provides a first-ever look at Lemmy’s custom bass.

“This is the one that was in his hands, and he signed off, and we’re ready to go,” Minarik says of the instrument. “It’s a monster-sounding bass. He was specific about the way he wanted the inlay done. Everything about this is Lemmy approved.”

The bass appears to be designed after Minarik’s Medusa, with a pair of elongated tuning-fork upper bouts, violin-style mid-body C cutaways, and an extended lower-bass bout.

Minarik presented Lemmy with the prototype shown here in the middle of 2015, while Motörhead were recording their last album, Bad Magic.

“They had us into the studio,” Minarik says. “He jammed this bass during the recording of their album. He approved it, we nailed it, and we were ready to go to production on a signature model for him. And this is the one, right here.”

Minarik says he’ll be working with Lemmy’s estate and management to get the bass into production and released.

“Lemmy was involved in this from top to bottom: design, sound, how it was laid out, pickups—everything,” Minarik says.

“And I will tell you—and we have video to back this up—when he took this and played it while they were in the studio, he looked up at the producer and said, ‘Do you hear this blanking thing? Oh my god!’

“It was thumbs up, and believe me, I was glad to hear it, because we certainly worked really hard on this.”

Since posting this story, we have also discovered a video about the bass posted by The Tone King. You can watch it below.