Keeley Electronics Announces New DCR Pedal

The new offshoot of Keeley's DDR pedal features two compressed, tube-style circuits and two types of modulation.
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Keeley Electronics DCR

Keeley Electronics DCR

Keeley Electronics has announced its new DCR pedal.

An offshoot of the company's DDR Drive Delay Reverb, the DCR (Drive Chorus Rotary) features two drive profiles - one that's full-range and highly saturated, and another sporting a shelf and low-pass filter for thickening up your sound.

The DCR also packs two types of modulation - a chorus/flanger pedal and a rotary-speaker swirl. The pedal also features true bypass switching and a TRS effects loop, so users can insert other effects between the drive and modulation.

The Keeley Electronics DCR pedal is available now for $179.

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