Joe Bonamassa Reveals How Many Guitars, Amps Are in His Incredible Collection

"It just, it is what it is, I'm a son of a guitar dealer and I got the bug," Bonamassa said of his legendary gear vault.
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joe bonamassa double neck gp

Love his music or not, it's undeniable that Joe Bonamassa's legendarily massive gear collection is something to behold. 

He's discussed his favorite guitar of the bunch before, and certainly isn't shy about using even the most valuable of his guitars onstage, but the true extent of his collection has always been largely unknown - until now, that is.

During a recent appearance on Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown, Bonamassa revealed just how many guitars and amps are in his possession. 

"I have about 400 guitars and 400 amps, and it's bad, it's real bad," Bonamassa said. "It’s not a good thing. And it shouldn’t be a good thing. It just, it is what it is, I'm a son of a guitar dealer and I got the bug."

As for which of the guitars - aside from his all-time favorite - he sees as being the most priceless?

“I have three original Flying Vs, I have Tommy Bolin’s 1960 Les Paul. I have more guitars and equipment than any other human should ever require or need or want to be in the same room with.

"There's a few legendary instruments in the collection just by default and there’s a few legendary instruments that are associated with me and my playing, and the whole thing kind of takes a life of its own."

When asked if he was looking to add still more gear to his collection, Bonamassa laughed and said "I don't need anything, I encourage people not to give me any [instruments], I don't want any more stuff."