JHS Announces New Cheese Ball Fuzz Pedal

The new pedal is a painstaking recreation of the legendary Lovetone Big Cheese.
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JHS Cheese Ball

JHS Cheese Ball

JHS has unveiled its new Cheese Ball fuzz pedal.

A recreation of the legendary - and extremely expensive and difficult to find - Lovetone Big Cheese pedal, the Cheese Ball comes packed with four flavors of fuzz and distortion, each of which can be adjusted with tone, volume and gain controls.

"I meticulously replicated every finite detail of this original 1995 Lovetone Big Cheese and did it with precise detail, and didn't trust any of the currently available online schematics," JHS founder Josh Scott says in the video below.

The JHS Cheese Ball fuzz pedal is available now for $179.

For more info on the pedal, head on over to jhspedals.com.