IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Orange

Get that Orange Sound with the new AmpliTube Orange app.
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IK Multimedia announces a new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app for Orange Amplifier fanatics: AmpliTube Orange.

Officially licensed and developed in close partnership with Orange Amps, AmpliTube Orange is a real-time mobile Orange amp and effects studio that features digital models of five classic and modern Orange guitar amplifiers, as well as one Orange bass amplifier.

Derived from the desktop version of AmpliTube Orange, the guitar amps included are the 40th anniversary reissue of the original OR50, the “dirty” channel of the Rockerverb 50 MKII with multiple gain stages, the Thunderverb 200, the original Tiny Terror “lunchbox amp,” and the AD30. For bass players, AmpliTube Orange adds the AD 200 Bass MK 3.

AmpliTube Orange also features matched Orange speaker cabinets: the 4x12 PPC, 1x12 PPC, 2x12 PPC, 2x12 AD30, and the 1x15 OBC. The cabinets are individually selectable, so they can be mixed and matched with other amp heads.

Although Orange doesn’t make stompboxes, IK Multimedia created four "Orange inspired" effects: a Noise Filter, a “Highway Drive” overdrive, an “Echo Trip” delay pedal, and “The Shaker” tremolo.

After dialing in their favorite tones, players can start recording—thanks to AmpliTube Orange’s built-in recorder. The recorder section can be expanded via in-app purchase (4 tracks on iPhone/iPod touch, 8 tracks on iPad) for multitrack recording. The full recorder features a bounce function that frees up tracks for limitless recording, and a master effects section with global reverb, EQ, and compression.

AmpliTube Orange is also Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatible, so it can be used as an input or effect in other compatible audio apps such as GarageBand.

In addition, the Song section allows a user to import any audio from their iTunes library and play along. It features a “no voice” button that cancels the center portion of the stereo field (where most vocals and leads are placed) for soloing over existing recordings. There’s also a speed control that allows users to slow down (or speed up) audio material without changing pitch.


AmpliTube Orange is available as a standalone app from the App StoreSM, an “in-app” purchase bundle within AmpliTube, or individual amps and effects can be purchased a-la-carte as in-app purchases within AmpliTube. This gives players the flexibility to choose the bundle or individual models as their needs change.