NAMM 2018: Hotone

Hotone brings new amp heads, a new looper to the table for 2018.
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Nano Legacy Series Amplifier Heads

Each amplifier is packed with essential guitar features and weighing only a pound, these 5-watt amp heads are the perfect addition to any player’s arsenal. With great sound and maximum portability, the Nano Legacy Series Amplifier Heads are optimal solutions for guitarists that want excellent tone for jam sessions, home studios, bedroom setups and more.

  • Vulcan Five-O: Inspired by the legendary Peavey 5150
  • Eagle’s Heart: Inspired by the legendary ENGL Savage 120
  • Freeze B: Inspired by the legendary Friedman BE-100
  • Captain Sunset: Inspired by the legendary Soldano SLO-100
  • Siva Boogie: Inspired by the legendary Bogner Shiva

Wally+ Looper 

The Wally+ is built on the original Wally Looper platform, but completely enhanced in terms of power, usability and sophistication. With 11 savable loop Phrase banks and 8GB of internal memory, the Wally+ can record and store 330 total minutes of loop time (up to 30 minutes in each Phrase bank) with unlimited overdubbing. It provides uncompressed 24-bit/44.1kHz high-quality audio recording and playback, and a true bypass design that maintains the authentic sound of an instrument. The Wally+ also features a mini USB port for connecting to a computer to manage, import and export your loop phrases using the “Loop Studio” software (available via free download for PC/Mac).

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Patch Kommander and Cybery

The Patch Kommander offers four true bypass loops to guarantee a pristine signal, as well as an intuitive control panel that frees users from complex patch programming. In addition, a switchable input buffer can be enabled to preserve high frequencies through the signal chain.

Preset mode allows for 12 different combinations of loops (any combination of single loops, up to four loops at once).

The Cybery offers four true bypass loops to guarantee a pristine signal, programmable MIDI control for commanding pedals and multi-effects, as well as a free mobile app to liberate users from complex hardware programming.

Direct mode allows users to individually control four loops, A/B amp channel switching, MIDI messaging and the mute/tuner function. Preset mode works seamlessly with the free “Cybery” mobile app to create up to 40 programmable presets. Presets allow users to assign any or all of the functions listed above to each individual footswitch.

The Cybery also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless programming and control. As such, the “Cybery” mobile app (free for iOS and Android) allows the different user-created presets to be stored on your phone.

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